Cold Water

It takes a special kind of diver to gear up in layers upon layers of heavy, bulky equipment and make the plunge into cold water.

Being a cold water diver is not for everyone, but it allows you to explore above and beyond what most divers get to see. Productive waters and untouched expanses of ocean are a few things that come to mind when we think of cold water diving, but there are many more reasons to brave bone chilling waters.

Suit up and dive in to some of our favorite cold water diving articles, after all, a little cold never hurt anyone.

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Looking off the Point at the Old Sow Whirlpool on Deer Island New Brunswick
Canada: Diving in the Bay of Fundy’s Whirlpool

Submerging into the cold waters of Deer Island is one of the best ways to appreciate the vibrant array of colour the Bay of Fundy hides beneath her surface.

Canada: Shore Diving in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is filled with cold water diving opportunities, particularly around shores of Halifax.

A Macro of a Pouty Fish in the Zeeland Saltwater Lake
Netherlands: Shore Diving in the Province of Zeeland

The world knows the Netherlands for their windmills and clogs, but what is not as well known is the great shore diving in the southern province of Zeeland.

Silfra Fissure with Ladder
Iceland: Scuba the Silfra

Iceland may be close to the Arctic circle, but that didn't stop us from diving into the clearest water on the planet.

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