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A partnership with Dive Buddies 4 Life is a fun and effective way to promote your dive destination, scuba/snorkel tour, lodging…

For more information please take a look at our 2023 Media Kit below or check out our portfolio of underwater photography.

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Are you interested in advertising on our website?

Dive Buddies has website space available for companies that have something to offer that would interest our readers.

Given the general theme of our website, we accept advertising through the form of product reviews, sponsored posts and sidebar ads, ONLY if it is related to scuba diving. If you are interested in advertising with us fire off an email and we can send a PDF with our prices.

Are you a scuba center looking to partner up?

We would be over the moon with excitement to come and dive with you. We are both qualified divemasters with extensive diving experience in a broad spectrum of environments. We would be happy to photograph and film your neck of the woods, and of course, write about it!

For those who are interested in becoming a Dive Buddies 4 Life partner shop/brand and show up on our resource section, let us know and we can discuss the details.

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Dive Buddies 4 Life is a scuba diving blog documenting our underwater adventures since 2016. This website is a virtual portfolio of our writing. Below are links to more of our work in print and online.

Media, Publications and Features

The Travel Channel – Top Secret Swimming Holes (post-production)
The Lonely Planet – LP Pathfinders: Top Posts from November 2017

Plastic Britain: On Our Watch Documentary

CTV News Northern Ontario

Destination Brittany EZ Dive Asia Magazine
EZ Dive Magazine
Issue #93
What Lies Beneath the Waters Brittany

Italy's Sunken City Of Baia Scuba Diving Online Article
Scuba Diving
May 2021 Online Publication
Scuba Diving Italy’s Sunken City of Baia

A Splashy Custom RV Publication For RV Magazine
RV Magazine
May 2021
A Splashy Custom RV

EZ Dive Lanzarote Scuba Diving Magazine Piece
EZ Dive Magazine
Issue #89
Lanzarote’s Blue Underworld

Dal Magazine Cover Spring 2021 Alumni 24 Hour Feature
DAL Magazine
Spring 2021
24 Hour Feature

That's Life UK Magazine Feature
That’s Life! Summer 2
July 2018
Star Letter


Photography & Videography

Canadian Geographic – 10 best wildlife photos from Can Geo’s Instagram community
Scuba Diver Magazine – Underwater Video of the Week
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – A Marine Protected Areas Network is Crucial for Nova Scotia
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Eastern Shore Islands: An Opportunity for Doing Coastal Protection the Right Way
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Two new marine protected areas proposed for Nova Scotia

2019 Ontario Scuba Swap Flyer
Ultimate Canadian Instagram Photos vol. 3
April 2019
Published in the Canadian Geographic Instagram Book

2019 Ontario Scuba Swap Flyer
Ontario Scuba Swap
April 2019
Featured in the 2019 Ontario Scuba Swap Flyer

2018 Scuba Swap Flyer Press Release Image
Ontario Scuba Swap
April 2018
Featured in the 2018 Ontario Scuba Swap Flyer

Waterpolo Dal Gazette Feature
The Dalhousie Gazette
December 2017
Growing the game

Canadian Splash Media

Ikelite Underwater Systems – Canadian Splash: Destination Newfoundland
Ikelite Underwater Systems – Canadian Splash: Destination Nova Scotia
Oceanographic Magazine – Adventures in the Homeland
Ikelite Underwater Systems – Canadian Splash: Destination New Brunswick
Bay Today – Local couple promoting scuba diving in Canada
Travel Buddies 4 Life – The Underwater World of Canada in Photographs
The Marine Diaries – Canadian Splash: Flipping our View on What Canada has to Offer
Bay of Fundy – Scuba Diving
I Backpack Canada – Embark on a Scuba Diving Adventure Across Canada

Alpine Alberta Diving With Scuba Diving Online
Scuba Diving
January 2022 Online Publication
Sky High Scuba Diving in the Canadian Rockies

Saving Earth Magazine Below Canada's Waterline Issue 5
Saving Earth Magazine
Summer 2021
Below Canada’s Waterline

Explore Magazine Bell Island Newfoundland Feature
October 2020 Online Publication
Scuba Diving in Newfoundland: The Shipwrecks of Bell Island

Scuba Diving Ontario's Freshwater Bugs And Beasts Online Publication
Scuba Diving
September 2020 Online Publication
Scuba Diving with Ontario’s Freshwater Bugs and Beasts

Explore Magazine Ontario Parks Underwater Feature
July 2020 Online Publication
Scuba Diving Through Ontario Parks

DAN Local Diving In NFLD
Alert Diver
First Quarter 2020
Newfoundland: Where History and Diving Collide

Diver Magazine UK Two Ways To Make A Canadian Splash
January 2020
Two Ways to Make a Canadian Splash

Dalhousie Gazette Life And Love Under The Sea Canadian Splash Article
The Dalhousie Gazette
September 2019
Life and Love Under the Sea

Interviews, Press Releases and Accolades

Bay Today – Local divers take on the world’s deepest pool
Bay Today – A Whale of an Idea
Sudbury.com – Northern Ontario divers take on the world’s deepest pool
CTV News Atlantic – Local cave divers react to Thai rescue operation
Bay Today – Local environmentalist happy with plastic straw progress
Scuba Diver – Underwater Photographer of the Week: Ali Postma

Adventure Junkies Top 25 Scuba Diving Blogs Of 2021 Badge
The Adventure Junkies
January 2021
Top 25 Scuba Diving Blogs of 2021

Best Scuba Blogs Blue Ocean Dive
Ocean Scuba Dive
August 2020
Top 25 Best Scuba Diving Blogs

Bin Bag Press Release Portfolio Image
Rate your Dive
April 2018
Collaborative and Supporting Organization for the #binbagchallenge

Guest Posts

Y-Travel – How to Enjoy Scuba Diving on Zakynthos Island, Greece
Planet D – Iceland Underwater: Diving into the Silfra
Girls the Scuba – Diving in Europe’s Balkan Countries
Dal Sustainability – 6 Ways to be an Eco-friendly Scuba Diver
Spot my Dive – Scuba Diving in Slovenia
The Scuba News – Diving from the Shores of Halifax
Underwater.World: Come to Canada – we have interesting diving I promise
CaNOE (Canadian Network for Ocean Education): Scuba Critters from Nova Scotia
Salt Sirens: So you wanna be a divemaster
CaNOE (Canadian Network for Ocean Education): A Sneak Peak at Some Basic Underwater Photography Tips
Rate your dive: Scuba Diving Croatia: From Dubrovnik to Zadar
I Backpack Canada: A Student’s Guide to Scuba Diving Nova Scotia
Mighty Goods: 9 Scuba Divers Share How They Pack Their Diving Gear
Back to the Sea: Canada’s East Coast in Underwater Photos

Dive Buddies Love

“Scuba diving is like driving a car. If you’re careful and pay attention it’s a very safe activity, but if you’re not it can be very dangerous.”

– Ronnie Prevost

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