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Dive Buddies Love
Dive Buddies Love
Dive Buddies Love
Looking Down At The Novel Cover Of All About Fish And Fellows A Science Short Story Narrative About The Ocean
Reviewing the Short Book All About Fish and Fellows

Have you ever heard of crabs that hitchhike through the seas on the back of whales? Or that fish bathe in freshwater springs gushing out in bottom of the sea? All About Fish and Fellows is a compilation of stories put together by writer Tim Schröder presenting some of the most fascinating facets of current marine research.

The Rocky Escarpment Of West Hawk Meteor Impact Lake In Manitoba With Some Bass Fish Swimming Around, Canada Underwater Adventures
Canadian Splash: What Lies Beneath West Hawk Lake

West Hawk Lake is one of the best - and most interesting - scuba diving sites in Manitoba. The lake was formed by a meteorite impact 150 million years ago and the crater filled with melting glacier water.

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter Along With A Lake And Scuba Diving Gear, Northern Ontario Dive Equipment Testing
Scooting the Shallows of Trout Lake with the Manta Scooter

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter is an affordable and innovative scooter designed to let swimmers and snorkelers explore the sea to their hearts content.

Dive Buddies Love


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“The more we dive, the more we realize how little we’ve seen!”

– Joey and Ali Postma

Dive Buddies Love
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