Scuba Diving with a Tidal Mask

Reviewing a the Anti-fog Tidal Mask by Tidal Sports

Let me start by letting you know before I write this review, I am a person who knows the struggle of having a foggy mask. I am a notorious nose breather and find it exceedingly tricky to fine a mask that doesn’t cloud up against all odds. I have been diving for many years some of which I have endured with a mediocre dive mask. So when ProShot and Tidal Sports provided me with their state of the art Tidal Mask with advanced anti-fog technology to test and review, I was very curious as to how I would enjoy scuba diving with this mask.

Joey Scuba Diving in the Water with His ProShot Tidal Mask in Ontario

The ProShot and Tidal Sports Company

ProShot and Tidal Sports are a small company based out of Boston. They were created in 2015 and have since grown and expanded their product base. The company comprises a select team of ocean enthusiasts who specialize in creating innovative underwater products that provide a solution to universal diving and snorkeling problems.

Some of their best-selling equipment includes masks that help snorkelers and scuba divers enjoy the underwater world fog-free and an iPhone housing that enables good quality film footage without the need to invest in an expensive underwater camera.

Reviewing a Scuba Mask with Antifog Capabilities

In appearance, the Tidal Mask by Tidal Sports looks like your typical scuba and snorkeling mask designed to fit the vast majority of face shapes and sizes. The mask comes in a variety of colours and styles including clear and black skirts, as well as clear or tinted tempered lenses.

ProShot Tidal Mask Blue with Black Skirt and Clear Lens

The ProShot Tidal Mask comes fully equipped with the most advanced anti-fog technology available. The inside lens has a replaceable, anti-fog thin film that protects against fogging for at least a year, depending on use & care.

Our mask was blue with a black skirt and clear lenses. With the wide variety of masks on the market, I really liked the chic look of the Tidal Masks black contouring with the splash of blue framing the lenses. I opted for the dark skirt because it helps block out external light when I’m doing underwater photography.

The mask fit Joey and me very well. There were no leaks along the silicone skirt and in spite of having different size heads the mask contoured our faces like butter. We were able to use the mask interchangeably with minor, if any, modifications to be made by tightening or loosening the two way adjustable head strap. Even the nose piece was spacious and comfortable. It didn’t rub on the base of my nose.

ProShot Tidal Mask Being Held Next to the Lake in Ontario

The viewing portal was similar to many of the masks Joey and I are used to wearing. It has versatile tempered glass, which is a type of glass that – when broken – breaks into small pieces as opposed to sharp shards. The glass window gave us an adequate wide-angle view of the underwater world with limited side-to-side head movement necessary. An interesting feature that we did not try is the tinted glass which protects your eyes from surface glare or enhances colours underwater. Joey loves the tinted masks because they act a little like sunglasses at the surface I dislike the tint because I find it makes colour and contrast harder to photograph underwater.

We were very happy to note that the anti-fog lens were very much as advertised. We did not need to burn, toothpaste, or pre-prep our mask prior to use. The mask was treated with a proprietary hydrophilic technology meant to prevent fogging. This meant that we could enjoy fog-free diving without the extra work.

Although we only tried the mask a couple of times and cannot speak for its longevity, the premium anti-fog film is advertised to keep the mask fog free for 1-6 months depending on the frequency of use and how well the mask is cleaned after every use. The film, which is found inside the lens, is replaceable when the anti-fog properties begin to wear off.

In addition to the Tidal Mask and its protective travel case, this product was also paired with an anti-fog spray. We didn’t feel the need to use the spray, however, it can be used in conjunction with the film to prolong the anti-fogging lifespan. Once we start diving more frequently, it will be interesting to see how this spray fairs out in keeping the mask lenses fog-free.

Some additional perks of the Tidal Mask include a two-year manufacturer warranty and free 30-day return for USA customers.

Scuba Diver with the ProShot Tidal Mask Exiting the Water, Ontario

Closing Thoughts on the Tidal Sports Tidal Mask

A dive mask is a piece of equipment that is sacred to many divers and snorkelers. They are our window into the underwater world. It also takes time, little tweaks and lots of patience to get a new mask working just so. That is why it’s not every day that divers are in the market for a new mask.

When I’m looking for a new dive mask I’m looking to check off the three C’s: comfort, clarity and charisma. Comfort – I need a mask that envelops my face enough to keep out the water yet not leave me with a permanent mask print for hours after I’ve exited the water. Clarity – any diver who’s been underwater in a foggy mask understands the importance of a quality mask with a quality lens that doesn’t fog at the drop of a dime. Finally, charisma – I want a mask that looks better than good, I want it to reflect just how hardcore of a diver I am.

The Tidal Mask by Tidal Sports is a worthy contender when it comes to my three C’s. The mask is definitely comfortable but hugs my face snugly enough that I needn’t worry about leaks. The mask has an appealingly charismatic look – I am a big fan of the solid black with the woosh of blue on its trim. And lastly, the clarity – during the couple of dives in which we tested the Tidal Sports Tidal Mask, we were pleased with its ease of use and crispness of the lens, even without using a cleaner on the tempered glass prior to diving.

We look forward to seeing how this mask continues to fair out the longer we use it.

Looking through a Tidal Sport Dive Mask at the Water

Do you have trouble with a fogging mask? If so have you considered trying out the Tidal Sports Tidal Mask with its anti-fog technology?

Writers Note: This dive mask review was sponsored by ProShot and Tidal Sports. The Tidal Mask was provided to Dive Buddies 4 Life by the company in exchange for the review. All comments, tests and thoughts in relation to the mask are honest and strictly that of Dive Buddies 4 Life. For more information on the mask or to get your own visit the ProShot and Tidal Sports website.

Additionally, this post may contain sponsored or affiliate links. We will make a small commission if you make a purchase through one of these links, at no extra cost to you. See full disclosure and disclaimer policy here.

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  • Caradonna Adventures
    January 11 2024

    It’s fantastic that you found the anti-fog feature effective. Maintaining clear vision underwater is crucial for a comfortable and safe swimming experience, and we’re delighted to know that our mask lived up to expectations in this aspect.

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