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Canadian Splash

Nobody pictures Canada as a diving location, yet with the longest coastline in the world and more freshwater lakes than any other country, we are more connected to water than most people seem to think.

Canadian Splash is a carefully crafted 13-part project where Dive Buddies will dive every province and territory of Canada, showcasing the beauty and fragility hidden beneath its surface.

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The Chronicles of Scuba Joe the Diving Smurf

Hi Everybody! Awesomeness comes in all shapes and sizes and in these chronicles, it takes the form of a little blue smurf with a big thirst for dive adventures. Scuba Joe is here, and he is ready to explore the ocean with you.

Prepare to be wowed by our wonderful watery world.

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Species In The Spotlight Sea Star Wave Image

Species in the Spotlight

Once a person falls in love with an animal they will want to protect it forever…

With our monthly species in the spotlight, we want you to meet some of the quirkiest and most amazing animals that call the aquatic realm their home.

Dive Buddies Love

That awkward moment when someone says mermaids aren’t real, and I’m there standing right in front of them.

– Mermaid Ali

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