The Chronicles of Scuba Joe the Diving Smurf

Get excited kids and smurfs alike

Awesomeness comes in all shapes and sizes and today it takes the form of a little blue smurf with a big thirst for adventure. Scuba Joe the diving smurf is here, and he is ready to explore the underwater world with you…

There’s something truly unique about the thrill of discovery and the life of an animal, through the eyes of a child. When you teach kids the wonders of the ocean, they respond with awe, excitement, and curiosity. By introducing places and animals who are charismatic, colorful, and even comical, Scuba Joe hopes to fuel the fire and get kids to fall in love with scuba diving and ultimately want to protect our fragile aquatic ecosystems.

Water covers about two-thirds of the surface of the Earth and is the very foundations of life. As future stewards of our planet, it’s important for our youth to get to know, and love, our lakes, rivers, and oceans, after all, they will be the ones preserving it for future generations.


Tag me in your underwater adventures!


Ready to blow some bubbles gang?

Prepare to be wowed by our wonderful watery world. Start your scuba diving voyage by clicking around on the chronicles below. Beware! You’re about to unearth some pretty amazing stuff.

Scuba Diving Love
Scuba Joe Diving with a Boat Anchor in the Azores
Drysuit Mishap in the Azores

Finding out the difference between a drysuit and a wetsuit with Scuba Joe.

Scuba Joe and a Harbour of Boats in the Azores
My First Exotic Scuba Diving Trip in the Azores

Azores here we come, and you can bet we are coming to dive, but before leaving, we made sure to investigate the dive scene and planned ahead.

Scuba Joe and the Chaotic Waves of Cranberry Cove
To Dive or not to Dive?

Scuba Joe teaches us that when the weather doesn't cooperate or the water looks hazardous, sometimes you need to cancel a dive.

Scuba Joe in the Front of the Car Driving to Paddy's Head Dive Site
Scuba Joe’s First Dive at Paddy’s Head

Today I went on my first Atlantic ocean dive at Paddy’s Head. For a little smurf like me it was colder than I anticipated. Join me on my adventure.

Scuba Joe with a Canadian Flag
Scuba Joe Meets His New Diving Family

I'm Scuba Joe and I come from a magical land far away. I was recently adopted and my new family is a bunch of scuba divers like me! Join me on my adventures.

Dive Buddies Love

“We owe it to our children to be better stewards of the environment. The alternative? – a world without whales. It’s too terrible to imagine.”

– Pierce Brosnan

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