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We all crave adventure, be it a hazardous, exciting activity or unknown experience. Even something as simple as a hike in the wilderness can leave you exhilarated. Adventurous experiences create a psychological arousal that leaves you wanting more. When people expose themselves to new experiences the brain releases dopamine, the reward chemical, into the blood giving the person a temporary euphoria.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone…

I have always been a bit of a daredevil. Not the idiotic jump-on-a-moving-train or play chicken with traffic type of daredevil. The extreme sport fanatic or push-your-body-to-the-limit kind.

My name is Alisha. I was raised around snowmobiles, ATVs and camping. As an adolescent I craved the wilderness and all the unpredictable adventures it brings. In high school all I could dream about was turning 16 and getting my scuba diving certification, a feat that I finally accomplished the summer following my 17th birthday. During my summers home from university, I pushed my body and mind to compete in triathlons, with the eventual goal to someday compete in an ironman. In my twenties, I learned to snowboard, got my hunting license and even stared down a 400lb sand tiger shark. I think it’s fair to say my resume is pretty jam packed with extreme hobbies.

Joey Diving with Canadian Flag
Ali Graduation
Ali and Joey kissing on the Beach
Ali and Joey Fishing
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At first sight you would never know my husband, Joey, is not from this country. Twelve years of living here in Canada and one green card later will do that to a person. Originally from The Netherlands, Joey and his family moved from a city just outside of Amsterdam, to the middle of nowhere New Brunswick. Being a teenager in a strange country and barely speaking the language is hard enough, let alone living in a town with a population of 100. Needless to point out, for 16 year old Joey Postma, it was a big adjustment (and I’m not talking about the Canada-Europe time change).

Joey and I met on the coed university water polo team. I had never played this contact sport bringing together the best of soccer, basketball and handball in the water. Regardless, I decided to try my hand figuring I could handle myself fairly well. Boy did I think wrong! I certainly wasn’t good at it by any stretch of the imagination. Joey was the team goalie at the time, naturally good looking and we instantly became friends, but I guess fate had other plans.

Sometimes when you least expect it, adventure finds you…

It all began with two backpacks from L.L Beans and later came the collection of country patches. Alone the two may have been harmless but combining them both has sparked within Joey and I the fire to travel. We had been traveling before; short little stints of one or two weeks away from home, vacations from work as most people call them. But those vacations just never seemed long enough. It’s a big beautiful world out there just waiting to be explored.

Engagement Balloon Photo
Scuba Engagement Post Dive
Our Wedding Photo
Ali and Joey in the Grotto Cave

It took us 7 years after we first met to get married, and only a month after our wedding to pack up our life and head out to leave footprints all over the world. We no longer have any excuses for not dusting off some of our ambitions. An extended honeymoon is what we are calling it. An adventure we had been talking about and planning since we took our first trip to Europe together back in 2013.

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“There are no age limits to adventures.”

– Unknown

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