Who you are is directly related to what you do, and we are scuba divers...


For me and the underwater world it was love at first sight, until I met my husband Joey.

I have been proudly sporting a neoprene wetsuit for the better part of a decade. After completing my undergraduate degree in marine biology, I began my career in laboratory and aquarium settings. But my mermaid soul always craved more…

Ali Being a Scuba Diving Mediterranean Mermaid


I am a computer nerd. Ask me to make you a brand new website and I could do it. Need me to take apart and reassemble your computer – no problem I could do it blindfolded.

Learning to scuba dive was never on my radar until I met Ali and let me tell you, it was the best decision of my life.

Joey Flying on a Rope While Diving in Croatia

Our Scuba Diving Story

Everyones love story has to start somewhere, well ours started underwater.

To Dive is to Truly Live

Brought together by our love for being in the water, Joey and I have been dive buddies since our first summer together. With 70% of the planet being covered in water and more known about the surface of the moon than some of the deepest parts of the ocean can you blame us for wanting to dive?

Joey and I are currently PADI certified Dive Masters and have logged our fair share of bottom time, to the point where we’ve stopped counting. Now we live a life less ordinary. Our underwater journey has taken us to different corners of the world; from rainbow reefs to volcanic craters to dark and dismal freshwater lakes.

With so many places to explore on the planet, our scuba diving wishlist seems unending. The more we dive, the more we realize how little we’ve seen.

What Scuba Diving is All About

It’s no secret, scuba diving is a pretty darn exciting hobby.

Time and time again the underwater world has taken our breath away and it is our dream to bring people closer to our passion. Through writing and photographing our dive adventures, we hope to help people fall in love with the underwater world, all while instilling a knowledge and respect for the animals that live there.

Everyone has their calling… ours came when we put on our first set of fins. By sharing our story we hope to captivate the world the way the ocean has captivated us.

Dive Buddies Love

“Every time I step into the ocean, it’s like going home.”

– Sylvia Earle

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