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The first time someone imagines themselves as a scuba diver, cold water never really crosses their mind. They picture coral reefs and tropical oceans filled with color. To think that some scuba divers layer on the gear, to brave the dark and bone-chilling waters is unimaginable.

From the fishing villages of Newfoundland to the depths of Ontario’s Great Lakes, there is something truly magical about seeing our country through the eyes of a scuba diver. Nobody pictures Canada as a diving location, yet with the longest coastline in the world and more freshwater lakes than any other country, we are more connected to water than most people seem to think.

Canadian Splash is a carefully crafted 13-part project where Dive Buddies will dive and photograph every province and territory of Canada. Our underwater adventures will showcase the beauty, wonder, and fragility hidden below the surface of Canada’s waterline.

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Explore Canada Coast to Coast

Join us as we dive into our home country. Discover our Canadian underwater world on the map or by location.

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Canadian Splash Media

Scuba diving all over Canada is kind of a big deal. Check out our features and find out who’s talking about Canadian Splash online and in print:

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First Quarter 2020
Newfoundland: Where History and Diving Collide

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Do you dare to dive Canada?

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Collaborators and Sponsors

Below is a list of all collaborators and sponsors who have helped make the ongoing Canadian Splash project a success. Please contact us for media coverage or if you are interested in working together.

Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada Partner In The Canadian Splash Scuba Diving Project
Canadian Splash Sponsorship Ontario Parks
Canadian Splash Sponsorship Ikelite Underwater Photography
Travel Buddies 4 Life Canadian Splash Sponsorship
Canadian Splash Sponsorship Bay Of Fundy Website
Canadian Splash Bay Sponsorship
Canadian Splash Sponsorship The Marine Diaries
Canadian Splash Sponsorship National Trust Canada
IBackpack Canada Canadian Splash Sponsorship
Canadian Splash Command Base Creative Sponsorship Logo
Canadian Splash Rate Your Dive Collaboration Logo
Canadian Splash Dalhousie Gazette Sponsorship
Canadian Splash Backpacker Hostel Sponsorship

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Scuba diving the cold productive waters of Canada is as beautiful as it sounds. Don’t believe us? Take a look and follow our Pinterest board!

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Canadians, we keep on telling you… Diving is better than hockey!

– Joey and Ali Postma

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