New Brunswick

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Into the Tides of New Brunswick

You’d be hard-pressed to find a dive place as unique and thrilling as New Brunswick. Located on the famous Bay of Fundy, this Maritime province is home to the largest tides in the world and even larger aquatic fauna.

For scuba divers looking for a diving challenge or if you hope to see a rich assortment of marine life, the wild water of New Brunswick is just the place.

Explore where to head beneath the tides!

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A Purple Spiny Sea Star On A Pink Encrusted Rock In Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Canadian Splash: Embracing the Cold Murky Water of Saint John

Sometimes finding a good dive spot is easier said than done. Shore diving around Saint John, New Brunswick is a testament to how unpredictable the Bay Fundy can be.

Looking off the Point at the Old Sow Whirlpool on Deer Island New Brunswick
Canadian Splash: Diving in the Bay of Fundy’s Whirlpool

Submerging into the cold waters of Deer Island is one of the best ways to appreciate the vibrant array of color the Bay of Fundy hides beneath her surface.

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