Canadian Splash: Splashing into St. Andrews by-the-Sea

Shore Diving New Brunswick's Summertime Hotspot

There is a lot to love about Canada’s eastern provinces; the laid back attitude, colorful fishing villages, the delicious freshly caught lobster…

And when it comes to these things, Saint Andrews is just a chip off the old block. But what sets this quaint little tourist town apart, is not only the lavish ocean vistas but the rich bounty of marine life.

A Small Pink Blood Star On A Rock In Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash Scuba Diving

The Summer Town of Saint Andrews by-the-Sea

Staying true to its name, Saint Andrews by-the-Sea is located on the Bay of Fundy, right at the Canada-U.S. border.

This small maritime town is one of New Brunswick’s oldest and most distinctive settlements established in 1783 by Loyalists from Castine, Maine. While Saint Andrews is a quiet town during the fall, winter and spring months, during the summer, this premier New Brunswick vacation destination comes alive with tourists and festivals.

Joey On The Bow Of A Whale Watching Ship From Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash

Scuba Diving in Saint Andrews

Scuba diving Saint Andrews by-the-sea? Yes, it’s a thing.

Being an oceanfront town on the Bay of Fundy, seaside adventures are just a splash away! In spite of how challenging it is to find information, there is an easy shore diving site just outside of Saint Andrews – if you know where to go.

Burrowing Anemone In The Muck At A Saint Andrews Shore Diving Site In New Brunswick, Canadian Splash Scuba Diving

Scallop on the Bottom of the Bay of Fundy, Shore Diving Saint John, Canadian Splash

Read More on the Shore Diving Opportunities around Saint John:
Sometimes finding a good dive spot is easier said than done, and shore diving around Saint John, New Brunswick is a living testament to how unexpected and unpredictable dive conditions can be in the Bay of Fundy.


McCann Head Dive Site

McCann Head dive site is mere minutes from downtown Saint Andrews.

This easy to access location has lots of parking and a gently sloping rock beach entry which helps retain some visibility from the otherwise disturbed waters of Fundy.

Scuba divers splashing into McCann Head will have no problems preparing their gear in the back of a vehicle and wading right into the ocean. When you enter the water, divers can poke around the muddy and rocky ecosystems, looking for interesting Bay of Fundy marine life sprinkled willy nilly.

A Pink Plumose Anemone Seen Shore Diving In Saint Andrews By The Sea, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash

Sand dollars, hermit crabs, rock crabs, sea stars and green urchins are regular visitors at the McCann Head dive site, as are tube anemones that love to poke out of the muck in white, beige, brown and purple hues. Exceptional critter hunters might also get the chance to glimpse a moon snail plowing around the sand or a sculpin resting on the bottom.

A Moon Snail On The Muddy Bottom Of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash Scuba Diving

Marine rope coated in sea growth and a rocky headwall help give this dive site character, and scuba divers can spend their time following these man-made landmarks for interesting photography opportunities.

Overall the dive site is pretty shallow, and divers can expect to find the most interesting life within the 9 meters (30 foot) range.

Saint Andrews By The Sea Scuba Diving Location, Bay Of Fundy, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash

How to Find McCann Head and What to Look for:

GPS Coordinates: 45.134043, -67.033578
Address: Chamcook, New Brunswick
This rocky beach has ample parking and an easy shore entrance into the water.

Rock Gunnel Along The Underwater Wall in St Andrews, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash

Wrapping Up Diving in Saint Andrews

After hundreds of dives all around the world, getting the opportunity to dive in Saint Andrews was not the cream of the crop when it comes to diving in New Brunswick, none-the-less once you’re underwater the Bay of Fundy does not cease to amaze. There are neat aquatic formations to look at and sea life all over the place.

Whether you dive at low tide or at high tide, on a muddy or rocky bottom, Saint Andrews by-the-Sea is an intriguing place for cold water divers.

Black And White Hermit Crab On The Sea Floor Of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canadian Splash

Practical Scuba Diver Information:

Have you ever visited the oceanfront town of Saint Andrews by-the-Sea? Better yet have you been diving there? Let us know your experience below.

Splashing Into Saint Andrews By The Sea, New Brunswick Scuba Diving, Canadian Splash

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