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Scuba Diving Love

Scuba Diving Love

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From the tip of the Arctic to the bottom of the Antarctic, oceans cover 70% of our planet and are essential to all life on earth. Yet – people know so little about them.

As scuba divers, we have the opportunity to explore some of the most incredible yet fragile environments on the planet. We’ve joined research expeditions, dive excursions and cleanup initiatives all over the world. We understand that it’s not easy to be passionate about a place you’ve hardly seen and know virtually nothing about.

Through education, we hope to bridge that disconnect and teach people about the importance and fragility of our oceans, paving the way towards a better, bluer future. By sharing our adventures we hope to captivate the world, the way the ocean continues to captivate us.

Daycare/Camps/Elementary School

We believe that youth is the future of our oceans. At Dive Buddies 4 Life we offer fun interactive programs geared towards daycare, children’s camps, and elementary school groups.

Dive Shops/Clubs/Highschool

Whether your a small dive shop or a high school science class, we love catering to an older audience. Our presentations are well suited for crowds with a basic science background or a general interest in the marine environment.

Conferences and Other Events

Dive Buddies 4 Life is available for conferences, museum events, open houses, cleanups, and other events. We strive to promote marine education through scuba diving and underwater photography.

Dive Buddies Love

“Life can be hard, and when the going gets tough – go diving – trust me it makes everything better.”

– Joey and Ali Postma

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