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Dive Essentials

The A to Z shopping for scuba diving equipment. Whether you’re a tropical diver or heading for a swim towards the poles, our dive essentials will help you find what you’re missing and suit up for an underwater adventure.

Dive Buddies Shop The Basic Scuba Gear

The Basics

Our basic scuba equipment recommendations are perfect for those just starting out as divers offering a mixture of quality and affordability - after all, who want's to spend a fortune on new gear when they are still learning.

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Dive Buddies Shop Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment

Safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when indulging in an extreme sport like scuba diving. Here are a few practical things that we recommend having to make your dive safer and more enjoyable.

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Dive Buddies Shop Cold Water Dive Gear

Cold Water

Don't let the cold keep you out of the water. As two Canadian cold-water divers, we've done plenty of diving in frosty weather. Together, we have put together a list of the things we use to stay warm in some of the most unforgiving temperatures.

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Warm Water Scuba Diver Shop

Warm Water

The colour, the diversity... What's not to love about warm water diving. Check out some of our go-to products for tropical diving and loads of fun in the sun.

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Joey Travelling With Scuba Diving Gear, UK


We've spent several years scuba diving abroad! Investing in good travel gear and being smart about packing your diving equipment can completely change a trip. Check out our favorite gear and luggage to take while on the road.

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Save A Dive Scuba Shop Dive Products

Save-a-Dive Kit

Don't let a broken mask strap or blown out o-ring stop you from diving. A properly outfitted save-a-dive kit will keep you diving through most minor equipment problems.

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Technical Gear

If your scuba diving routine is a little more next level, we have a small shopping area just for you! This technical section is dedicated to some of our advanced equipment recommendations.

Dive Buddies 4 Life Shop Technical Dive Gear

Photography Equipment

As self-taught professional photographers, there are a few things that are important when we choose photography gear. The first is size – with all of our dive gear, we don’t have space to lug around excessive amounts of camera equipment. The second – how does it perform above and below the water. Here is what we use in terms of photography.

Dive Buddies Shop Underwater Housings

Housings & Accessories

Looking to buy your first underwater camera housing? Figuring out how to take your camera underwater is tricky so we've put together everything we use - even the extra knick-knacks.

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Dive Buddies Shop Strobes And Lighting

Lighting & Strobes

Illuminate your dive and more importantly your underwater photography with some of our favorite light and strobe products.

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Dive Buddies 4 Life Shop Camera And Lens

Camera's & Lenses

Cameras and lenses are the bread and butter of any photography kit. Take a look at our go-to products for shooting on land and underwater.

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Joey With A GoPro Camera In A UK Quarry

GoPro Action Camera

Whether it’s a crazy adventure shot or taking action footage, GoPro cameras are always up for the job. We love this little camera for its simplicity and durability, even in the most unforgiving places.

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Eco-Friendly Stuff

We all could use a little more green in our lives. At Dive Buddies 4 Life we are suckers for sustainability, and with that in mind, we’ve picked a few of our favorite eco-friendly scuba related-items for you to browse through.

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Fun Dive Stuff

Scuba diving is one of the most amazing activities on the planet. So it makes sense to want to have it reflected in EVERYTHING you surround yourself with. From your kid’s toys to your average kitchen utensils take a look at some of this fun ocean-themed stuff.

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Exclusive Dive Buddies 4 Life Products

Check out our very own Dive Buddies 4 Life collection. These exclusive products have been carefully created with scuba divers and ocean-lovers like you in mind.

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Ali And Joey With Sharks, Turtle Paperback Book
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“I am a diver. This means my mind and heart are sometimes underwater. Thank you for your understanding”

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