Reviewing the Short Book All About Fish and Fellows

A Compilation of Short Stories where Ocean and Science Meet

I am a science nerd through and through. I cannot get enough of the microscopic identification of itty bitty creatures unseen to the naked eye. I also can’t get enough of complex organism names like coocolithophores (generally regarded as calcareous scale-bearing marine algae) or scyphozoa (an exclusively marine class of the phylum Cnidaria, referred to as the true jellyfish).

One of my most recent reads was put together by a fellow writer and ocean enthusiast Tim Schröder. Having a strong passion for science coupled with a love for the ocean I was eager to dive in, and prepared to be amazed by stories of the extraordinary world that lies beneath the surface.

The Book: All About Fish and Fellows

“Have you ever heard of crabs that hitchhike through the seas on the back of whales? Were you aware that there are red-blinking colonies of clones that silently drift through the ocean? Or that fish bathe in freshwater springs that gush out of the bottom of the sea? You will find these and many other enthralling stories in this book, which presents some of the most fascinating facets of current marine research. In exciting chapters you will get to know exotic, colourful and sometimes even frightening creatures. You will learn what insights marine scientists have gained in recent years about life in the sea; whether on their expeditions with high-resolution cameras, through automatic diving robots or highly sensitive measuring instruments. Dive with us into this remote world… if you dare…

Dive into the oceans for a few hours. Relax and enjoy chapters that not only offer new information about the oceans, but also have a twist in the tail.”

All About Fish And Fellows Book Info

All About Fish And Fellows Underwater Book

All About Fish and Fellows – Tim Schröder: Dive in to this informative read and immerse yourself in untold science and research stories from the vast ocean. Get your copy of All About Fish and Fellows on


The Author: Tim Schröder

Tim Schröder is a biologist, seasoned science writer and journalist based in Oldenburg, Germany. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he holds a diploma in biology and a minor degree in marine physics.

Tim’s career began with a two-year internship at a regional newspaper, followed by an editorial role in the science section of the Berliner Zeitung in Berlin. Since 2001, he has pursued an independent path as an author, contributing to prestigious publications such as Financial Times (Germany), Neue Zürcher Zeitung, The Economist, Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the German edition of Scientific American. Tim’s expertise extends beyond print media, as he collaborates with esteemed organizations like the Fraunhofer Society and Max Planck Society.

His writing encompasses a wide range of topics, including natural sciences, technology, applied and basic research, energy, and the environment, characterized by informative yet entertaining narratives with a twist. Tim’s contributions to science journalism have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Georg-von-Holtzbrinck Prize for Science Journalism in 2011, cementing his reputation as a leading voice in the field.

All About Fish And Fellows Science Ocean Book Added To The Scuba Diving Library

Diving into the Depths of All About Fish and Fellows

In the wide sea of literature available in this day and age, “All About Fish and Fellows” emerges as a quick science-related read, offering refreshing tales from the ocean while touching on the complexities of marine science. Tim Schröder’s carefully researched narrative, is no only vividly captivating through its storytelling, but also opens the door for inquisitive readers to thirst for more in the way he dabbles in marine jargon and current research topics. This makes the book a gem for both science enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

As someone with a background in marine biology, I found myself delightfully submerged in the depths of this small but mighty book, where every page revealed new insights and sparked the gears of my intellect. In my opinion, one of the most intriguing aspects of All About Fish and Fellows is how it discusses the cutting-edge scientific concept of eDNA. With the help of modern DNA analysis technology and databases, an entire species inventory of a certain habitat can be examinedsimply by pouring water through a filter. How fascinating is that?! As an application of eDNA, the book talk about how this method could be used as an early warning system to detect invhasive species. But as with anything, the use of eDNA does come with limitations. eDNA outside a protective shell degrades in the water through bacterial degradation and sun radiation.

Another aspect ot the book that really resonated with me is the chapter that outlines oceanic nomades, specifically sea turtles. I find it so astounding how even with all the progress and knowledge that the scientific community has available that there is still so much to be discovered. In sea turtles this is made evident in what is terms as the “lost years,” where after hatching from the beaches of warm tropical waters, baby hatchlings disappear into the crystal blue water only to reappear as adults when they return to that very same beach years later to lay eggs themselves. Where they go or how they grow is still very much unknown.

Within the pages of All About Fish and Fellows, Schröder seamlessly weaves complex research topics into the narrative of his book, demystifying them for readers without sacrificing depth or accuracy. His ability to elucidate intricate scientific principles in terms easily understandable to those without a science background is commendable, ensuring that the book remains accessible to a wide audience.

Reading The Science Book All About Fish And Fellows Stories About The Ocean And Animals That Live In It

In Conclusion

Like a curious fish navigating the vast expanse of the ocean this book invites readers to dive deep into the hidden wonders of our aquatic world. All About Fish and Fellows is a simplified piece of educational literature, blending captivating storytelling with ocean science to create a truly immersive reading experience. Tim Schröder’s ability to depict some cutting edge ocean research and present them in a manner that even someone without a scientific background can enjoy is a testament to his expertise and passion for the subject. Whether you have a PhD in a field related to the ocean or are simply curious about the wonders of the deep, this book is an intriguing read for any water-loving mind.

All About Fish And Fellow Novel Cover By Tim Schröder With A Humpback Whale Swimming

Have you read a good marine science-related book? If so let us know the name of it in the comments below.

Writers Note: This fishy book review was sponsored by the book author Tim Schröder. The literature was provided to Dive Buddies 4 Life by the author in exchange for the review. All comments and thoughts in relation to the book are honest and strictly that of Dive Buddies 4 Life. For more information on the book or to get your copy visit Amazon.

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