There are no age limits to fun, and with scuba diving you don’t need to be an amazing diver to come out smiling. Take a look at some of our fun scuba projects.

Dive Buddies Love
Looking Down At The Novel Cover Of All About Fish And Fellows A Science Short Story Narrative About The Ocean
Reviewing the Short Book All About Fish and Fellows

Have you ever heard of crabs that hitchhike through the seas on the back of whales? Or that fish bathe in freshwater springs gushing out in bottom of the sea? All About Fish and Fellows is a compilation of stories put together by writer Tim Schröder presenting some of the most fascinating facets of current marine research.

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter Along With A Lake And Scuba Diving Gear, Northern Ontario Dive Equipment Testing
Scooting the Shallows of Trout Lake with the Manta Scooter

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter is an affordable and innovative scooter designed to let swimmers and snorkelers explore the sea to their hearts content.

The Pages Of Gardens Of The Queen Scuba Diving Novel In A Heart Shape, Nicholas Harvey AJ Bailey Series
AJ Bailey Adventure Series: Gardens of the Queen

Join the dive quest to save Cuba's Gardens of the Queen with divemaster AJ Bailey in Nicholas Harvey's second scuba novel.

The Beach And The Green Plants With The Deep Roots Belize Diving Novel By Nick Sullivan
The Deep Scuba Novel Series: Deep Roots

A book review of Deep Root, a scuba diving thriller where dive buddies Boone and Emily uncover a deadly plot in the jungle ruins of Belize.

A Yellow Brain Coral Maze Underwater In Cozumel, Mexico
Mexico: Ready, Set, Dive into Cozumel’s Scuba Hunt

We’ve all heard of escape room games, now scuba divers have taken this fun activity a step further beneath the waves.

Collection Of Nicholas Harvey Books Resting Open On A Wooden Deck
AJ Bailey Adventure Series: Twelve Mile Bank

Take a dive on Cayman Island's Twelve Mile Bank with divemaster AJ Bailey and discover sunken secrets in Nicholas Harvey's first scuba novel.

Ali Wading Out In The Lake In Her Spacefish Rashguard Ready To Swim
Spacefish Army Watersport Clothing

Spacefish Army is a clothing and rashguard line that specializes in unique apparel for divers, snorkelers, surfers and ocean lovers of all shapes and sizes.

The Deep Cut Scuba Diving Novel Beside A Globe
The Deep Scuba Novel Series: Deep Cut

A book review of Deep Cut, an action-packed scuba diving thriller where dive buddies Boone and Emily explore their new home of Saba and weather one of history's most powerful hurricanes.

The Deep Shadow Scuba Novel Series Page With A Seashell
The Deep Scuba Novel Series: Deep Shadow

A book review of Deep Shadow, an action-packed scuba diving thriller where dive buddies Boone and Emily uncover a deceptively dangerous plot on the small Dutch islands of Bonaire and Saba.

The Glass Jellyfish On The Mantle Piece Above The Fire Place
Decorating our Home with a Glass Jellyfish

La Méduse one of the oldest glass blowing workshops in Canada. They create beautiful glass jellyfish art pieces worthy of any scuba diver's home decor.

Sea Glass Punch Glasses Ready To Drink
Sea Glass Punch

While it may take close to a decade for the ocean to take a lowly piece of glass and turn it into a gem-like creation, thankfully it doesn’t take nearly as long to make this delicious sea glass punch.

Cable Bites Axolotl Clamping Onto A Cable
Protecting your Charging Cables with Ocean Animals

Cable Bites are adorable little plastic animals, which as the name implies, “bite” onto your phone, computer and iPad cords protecting them from breakage.

The Fish Filled Coral Reefs Of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Scuba Diving
Scuba Destinations we LOVE

This Valentine’s Day we want our love for scuba diving to inspire you to get into the water and enjoy the world below.

The Rocky Intertidal Shores Of Nova Scotia, Canada
Splish, Splash in a Canadian Tide Pool

Tide pools are pools of water exposed at low tide and submerged by the ocean at high tide. They give non-divers a chance to glimpse the underwater world while remaining on land.

Joey With A Christmas Present For A Stocking Stuffer
20 Scuba Diving Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Scuba divers are always tricky people to shop for and with the holidays just around the corner here are some great stocking stuffer ideas.

Christmas Santa on a Sea Bob
The Scuba Diver Advent Activity Calendar

When the winter holidays come around, my mind is often stuck in the sand from my last dive trip. Countdown the days until Christmas with this unique advent calendar.

Blacktip Island And Rosalita Flats Caribbean Scuba Novels By Author Tim W. Jackson
Review of The Secret of Rosalita Flats

Reviewing the Secret of Rosalita Flats by author Tim W. Jackson who integrates scuba diving into the narrative of his most recent Caribbean mystery novel.

Ali Drinking With The Turtle Straw
Sipping Straws with a Splash

Help fight single-use plastics and their effects on our planet with this Canadian made eco-friendly glass straw.

Inside The Sharks, Turtles And Underwater Things Colouring Book Hero
Dive into our First Colouring Book

Sometimes all you need is a dash of colour and a splash of water! Spark your child’s creative spirit as they colour their way through the underwater world with the first official Dive Buddies 4 Life colouring book.

Silk Dive Map Is Scuba Okay Hero
Where in the World do You Want to Dive?

Awesome Maps creates illustrated maps inspiring travel and wanderlust. Their world dive map is a comprehensive art piece showcasing over 500 different dive spots with snippets of information about the type of dive and underwater attributes.

Crab And Jellyfish Rock Art For Scuba Diving SitesThis article is in the news
The Ocean “Rocks”

With COVID grounding travel and keeping people stuck at home, some are tapping into their artsy rock painting side.

Two Empty Shark Wine Glasses Side By Side
Drinking Wine has Never Been More Jawsome

If you thought drinking wine couldn’t get any better - allow us to introduce you to the shark wine glass.

Joey On Bonaire Scuba Diving With A Large Bait Ball Of Fish, ABC Caribbean Islands
Bonaire: The Bonaire Scuba Bucket List

Submerge yourself into Bonaire's underwater world with this scuba bucket list. It will leave you wanting more from the coral capital of the Caribbean.

Great Star Coral Under A Scuba Divers Fluorescent Light In Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
A Psychedelic Overview of Fluorescent Diving

Fluodiving, fluorescent night diving, UV diving, glow diving - goes by many names. But no matter what you call this vibrant type of diving, the optical magic of fluorescence adds a totally new dimension to your night diving repertoire.

Ali Looking At A Re-Breather During Bonaire TeK Week, Buddy Dive Resort, Dutch CaribbeanThis article is in the news
Joining the Bonaire TeK Diving Side

Bonaire TEK is an annual October occurrence, where Buddy Dive Resort partners with leaders in the tech diving industry for a week of technical dive demonstrations, equipment trials, presentations, training ins and outs, and camaraderie.

A Woman Diver With A Yellow Scuba Mask Rolling Into The Water With Scuba Diving Gear In Mexico
A How-To Guide for Backroll Entries

No matter what level of diver you are, scuba backroll entries are a fun-filled way to get off the dive boat and get into the water.

A Manatee Floating Underwater In Three Sisters Springs, Florida, USA
USA: Manatees at 72 Degrees

Offering topside beauty and underwater magic, escape to Florida's freshwater springs and snorkel with one of the most majestic marine mammals on the planet.

From The Ocean With Love
From the Ocean with Love

If marine animals could talk here's what they would say to scuba divers this Valentine’s Day.

Ali Free Diving With Her Mermaid Hair Loose In The Ocean Of Bonaire, Caribbean
Dealing with Long Hair when Diving

Hair versus scuba, now that's a combination that doesn't mix. So how do you stay away from the tares, tangles and hours upon hours of post-dive hair brushing?

Scuba Diving Sand Dollar Cookie At Christmas Time In Canada
Sand Dollar Shortbread Cookies

When you can’t be frolicking at the beach, why not bring the beach home to you with these festive sand dollar shortbread cookies.

Looking Down Into The Bottom Of The Second Deepest Diving Pool In The World, The Nemo 33 In Belgium, Europe
Belgium: Scuba Diving the Nemo 33

Some people go to Brussels for the waffles, others go for the impressive architecture scene. Scuba divers go to Brussels to dive in the Nemo 33 indoor pool.

Women's Dive Day With Ali On The Dock By The WaterThis article is in the news
Rise of the Female Diver

It’s a tale as old as time - women fighting against the assumption that they are weaker than men, women trying to rise in the ranks in a primarily male-dominated industry. And the battle is making progress, but it isn’t over yet...

Ali Hanging Out Over The Boat Being Sick With Motion sickness
5 Ways of Dealing with Seasickness

As a diver, sometimes you get hit with seasickness. Here are our solutions to dealing with seasickness before and during your dive.

History Of Diving Museum Antique Hard Helmet Hero Florida Key's
Scuba Diving through the Ages at the History of Diving Museum

When in the Florida Keys, make sure to take the time to learn all about man’s quest to explore under the sea at the History of Diving Museum.

Beach Cleanup Surf Rider Information SignThis article is in the news

We all remember the viral Ice Bucket Challenge that went around social media to raise money for ALS? Well, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the #binbagchallenge was an idea put together to raise awareness on environmental pollution and hopefully take steps towards a cleaner and better future.

Ali With Her Underwater Camera In A Pool in France
A Very Beginner Guide to Underwater Photography

Taking your love for photography to new depths can be a challenge. Here are eight tips and tricks for a beginner underwater photographer.

North Bay Scuba Club's 18th Annual Harbour Clean up, Ontario, CanadaThis article is in the news
Taking out the Trash: A Scuba Clean Up in North Bay

While most people were at home celebrating Mother’s Day, the North Bay Scuba Club donned dive gear and took to the water to clean up the local marina.

Puffin with a Fluorescent Bill under UV LightThis article is in the news
Puffins – the fluorescent birds we never knew about

A scientist has made a shocking new discovery in England. Under UV light the bills of Atlantic puffins light up like a glow stick.

The Bay of Fundy Humpback Whale FlukeThis article is in the news
North Bay’s Whale of a Tale

Find out how a couple of scuba divers made a gigantic snow sculpture to try and turn the tides on plastic use in the city of North Bay.

Zombies In The Water of Fredericton
Scuba Preparation for a Zombie Apocalypse

Getting ready for Halloween, scuba diver style, with the PADI Zombie Apocalypse Diver Specialty Course. It's a scuba course that is to die for.

Nadine Learning to Scuba Dive and Swimming Along The Bottom of the Ocean in Greece, Europe
So You Wanna be a Scuba Diver?

Thinking about sprouting gills and making the plunge into the underwater world? Find out if you're cut out to become an Open Water scuba diver.

Joey Scuba Diving Along The Surface of the Ocean in Athens, Greece, Europe
Greece: My Sister’s First Discover Scuba Diving

Join us for an underwater adventure as we take my sister on her first ever Discover Scuba Diving.

A Row Of Scuba Diving Jellyfish Shots
The Jellyfish Shot

Ever wonder what the perfect drink for a scuba diver or ocean fanatic is?

Scuba Joey And Ali Enjoying A Wedding Shoot On Rocks In Lake Ontario
A Scuba Diver’s Dream Wedding

If you are a scuba diver looking to get married on your surface interval here are some nifty ocean related idea's to incorporate into your special day.

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