Cleaning up our waterways one bag at a time

As scuba divers, many of us can attest that the trash on our beaches and in our oceans is an ever growing issue. Plastics, cigarette butts, food wrappers, it’s incredible what people carelessly throw away without so much of a second thought.

Enter the #binbagchallenge.

We all remember the viral Ice Bucket Challenge that went around social media to raise money for ALS? Well, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the #binbagchallenge was an idea put together to raise awareness on environmental pollution and hopefully take steps towards a cleaner and better future.

Joey With The Beach Cleanup In Portugal Initiative

Dive Buddies Tackles the #binbagchallenge

As advocates for the environment, Dive Buddies 4 Life is proud to collaborate with our fishy friends at Rate your Dive and support this incredible waste cleanup initiative.

Take a look at our contribution to the #binbagchallenge:

Yesterday we had the opportunity to join a local school in Portugal and participate in an organized beach clean up.

Armed with gloves, nets and filters students combed the beach in groups picking up trash and other unmentionables.

The well-organized event was initiated by a passionate teacher, who also happens to be an avid scuba diver.

Now it’s your turn. Whether your a diver, snorkeler or simply enjoy spending time by the water, make this summer a meaningful one with the worldwide #binbagchallenge.

How the #binbagchallenge works:

1. Step 1: Please collect at least one bag of rubbish from the closest beach/coast/riverbank or even underwater (for scuba divers). If you aren’t located near the sea, we also encourage you to collect from nearby parks or green space.

2. Step 2: Take some pictures or a short video of your trash collection escapades and post it on social media (you can even post it to this event). Tag 3 friends to follow your green example.

Let’s clean up our waterways one bag at a time! Act now and contribute to a positive change.

The Plastic Straw Jackpot on a Beach in Portugal

What are some of your #binbagchallenge success stories? Let us know what you are doing to change our planet.

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Additionally, a special thank you goes out to Maria Pinto for organizing this great community event and grabbing a few pictures of the day!

Binbagchallenge Pinterest

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