Many-a-diver are slowly realizing the impact humanity is having on the underwater world.

Diving just for the sake of diving is nice, but many are seeking to enrich their diving passion in some meaningful way. Being a green fin diver is about helping to protect our lakes, rivers and oceans. Whether it’s by becoming a more environmentally conscious diver or volunteering to assist with a tropical fish count, the possibilities are endless when it comes to bettering the underwater world.

If you are looking to take your scuba to new and meaningful depths, here are some of our favorite eco-friendly articles.

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Beach Cleanup Surf Rider Information SignThis article is in the news

We all remember the viral Ice Bucket Challenge that went around social media to raise money for ALS? Well, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, the #binbagchallenge was an idea put together to raise awareness on environmental pollution and hopefully take steps towards a cleaner and better future.

North Bay Scuba Club's 18th Annual Harbour Clean upThis article is in the news
Taking out the Trash: A Scuba Clean Up in North Bay

While most people were at home celebrating Mother’s Day, the North Bay Scuba Club donned dive gear and took to the water to clean up the local marina.

The Bay of Fundy Humpback Whale FlukeThis article is in the news
North Bay’s Whale of a Tale

Find out how a couple of scuba divers made a gigantic snow sculpture to try and turn the tides on plastic use in the city of North Bay.

A Trio Of Scuba Divers In The Cold Water Close To Halifax, Nova Scotia In Canada
How to be an Eco-Friendly Scuba Diver

It's not easy being green in a day and age where everything is plastic and waste. Let sustainability lead the way as you explore the underwater world.

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