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Wondering what scuba shop to use or who to stay with on your next dive trip?

In this resource section, you will find Dive Buddies 4 Life recommended shops, brands, and accommodations. Our hand-picked partners are leaders in the diving industry and will be more than happy to make sure you have a fintastic scuba experience.

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Partner Shops, Accomodations and Brands

  • Scuba Diving Shops
  • Certification Agencies
    • Scuba Diving Agency
      Scuba Educators Dive Buddies Partner Company Logo
      Scuba Educators

      Scuba Educators is a scuba diving certification agency whose roots stem from the YMCA scuba and skin diving program. In 2008, a group of former YSCUBA instructors Ken Nemeth, Dan Marelli and Tom Leaird banded together to create Scuba Educators – a new high standard scuba education agency with no connection to the YMCA. In 2011 the agency further expanded by purchasing and merging with the first SCUBA instructors college in the United States, the Professional Diving Instructors College (PDIC).

      As a continuation of their dedication to quality scuba education, Tom Leaird now serves as Scuba Educators Director of Education alongside President Ben Brown and Vice President Cam Byrd. Scuba Educators specializes in supporting independent instructors. Email [email protected] to find out how they help instructors worldwide teach at a high level while keeping fees low.

  • Scuba Diving Products & Brands
    • Discover the World
      Awesome Maps DB4L Partner Company Logo
      Awesome Maps

      Awesome Maps is a German-based company hell-bent on inspiring globetrotters, since 2010, to discover their world. The company meticulously researches, hand-illustrates, and prints world maps that both inform and inspire wanderlust. Awesome Maps have a wide variety of prints available on paper, canvas, or towel material. These maps are the perfect addition to your home, workplace, van, or backpack.

    • Food & Beverage
      Glass Sipper Eco Friendly Drinking Straw

      Combining their love for glass-making with their love for a sustainable environment, in 2014 Aimee and Fred Promislow created GlassSipper a family-owned business. While GlassSipper started as an artistic hobby turned career, the increasing problem of single-use plastic has committed the BC couple to rid the world of plastic straws and replacing them with fun, reusable and environmentally friendly ones. GlassSipper’s glass straws are made from natural silica making them non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  • Digital Diver
    • Website
      Command Base Creative Design Inc. Diver Down Packages
      Command Base Creative Design Inc.

      Command Base Creative Design Inc. is a boutique web design and development agency with clients across the United States, Canada and the Netherlands. The company specializes in web design, coding, hosting and maintenance. Over their nine years in business, the company has earned a strong reputation for reliability and security. Dive Buddies 4 Life has partnered with Command Base Creative Design Inc. creating a line of Diver Down Website Packages made exclusively with the diving industry in mind.

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