North Bay’s Whale of a Tale

A Snow Sculpture to Turn the Tides of Plastic Use

P is for plastic, and it’s a growing problem for our oceans…

While you may not be able to see it; life below the water is changing – in horrible ways. On a daily basis, an incredible amount of trash makes its way into the ocean, of which PLASTIC is the biggest culprit.

Plastic is toxic and takes hundreds of years to biodegrade into tiny even more poisonous pieces of microplastics. It is arguably one of the most harmful waste product that is ending up in our oceans and ultimately into the animals that live in it.

Dive Buddies Go Plastic Free New Years Resolution Sign

Blue the Big Snow Humpback Whale

This gentle giant goes by the name of Blue, and he is a male Humpback whale.

You can find Humpback whales roaming all over the world. In the winter, they tend to be found in warm southern waters and in the summer, the whales migrate up the coast to the cold nutrient rich waters of the north. In Canada, Humpbacks can be found off the coast of British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in June, July and August.

Lend a Helping Fin

Even though the closest ocean to North Bay is more than 900 kilometers away, Blue is making a splash in our city because he needs your help.

Blue dreams of a healthier and cleaner ocean, where he doesn’t need to worry about his underwater friends dying as a result of plastic. To do this, he needs everyone to pitch in.

Living way up in northern Ontario, it’s easy to be disconnected from ocean-related problems, but the sea of change starts with you;

  • How can you change your life to use even a little less plastic?
  • How can North Bay improve on its recycling program?

Let’s give the whales something to sing about this year. Let’s lend the ocean a helping fin and reduce our use of plastic!

Joey and Ali with the Plastic Free Snow Whale in North Bay

See the CTV Northern Ontario’s Media Coverage on the snow whale:

If you’re a scuba diver that wants to learn more about sustainability and diving, check out our: How to be an Eco-Friendly Scuba Diver post.

Read 2 comments...
  • Brady
    January 17 2018

    I would love to help get involved in your Ban the Plastic movement. My girlfriend and I aspire to cut plastic out of our lives and would love to help others do the same.

    • Alisha
      January 17 2018

      Hey Brady, it put a smile on my face to have you say this! We need more people like you. I am hoping we can slowly get some plans in place in North Bay and take baby steps towards a better recycling program, getting rid of plastic straws and maybe getting a composting program up and running.

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North Bay's Whale Of A Tale
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