Drinking Wine has Never Been More Jawsome

A Review on the Shark Wine Glass

If you thought drinking wine couldn’t get any better – allow us to introduce you to the shark wine glass.

As a scuba diver and wine-lover, I am always looking for new and exciting ways to indulge in two of my favorite hobbies. So when I found out there was a wine glass out there, with a tiny glass shark protruding in the middle of the cup, I knew I just couldn’t pass it up.

Empty Shark Wine Glass, Canada

The Shark Wine Glass

Each 22-ounce handmade shark wine glass is made of lead-free crystal and features a small 3D shark anchored in the center of the glass. The shark is elevated using a thin, and likely fragile, line of glass so that he’s just the right height to show his dorsal fin when the glass is filled with wine.

Shark Wine Glass Scuba Shop Product

Shark Wine Glass: An elegant 22-ounce custom-crafted wine glass with a swimming glass shark figurine anchored in the center. The perfect gift for wine and shark lovers everywhere.

Overall the shark wine glass is aesthetically exciting and thrilling. But perhaps the most impressive feature is not just that this glass is made to hold wine, but that as the wine is consumed, a shark fin appears, followed by the torso and then the menacing jaws.

Underside Of The Shark Wine Glass

Dive Buddies Thoughts on the Shark Wine Glass

It’s been roughly one month and we are loving our new shark wine glass!

When I first opened my shark wine glass I was smitten. I mean what scuba diver wouldn’t be excited about drinking from a shark glass. I love drinking red wine and watching the shark fin in the “bloodied water.”

Of course, functionality is the most important feature for us. The glass, works well for wine consumption and holds the perfect amount. One minor issue we had is cleaning.

For obvious reasons, you don’t want to be using a dishcloth and maneuvering around the shark unnecessarily. Therefore to clean the shark wine glass, we have been rinsing, placing a bead of soap in the glass and letting it soak overnight. Then in the morning we rinse the glass several times and allow it to air dry. Problem solved!

Depending on who you are, when it comes to sharks, scuba divers can be some of their biggest fans. If you’re a fan of one of the ocean’s apex predators, don’t pass up this custom wine glass. After all who wouldn’t want to have a tiny shark swimming around in their wine glass.

Drinking wine has never been more Jawsome!

Do you have a wine glass like this? What do you think about this fun-filled product? Let us know in the comments below.

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