Gopro? Check. Flashlight? Check. Camera Gear and strobes? Double check.

A dive is not a dive without all the bells and whistles when you’re a gear junky diver. Whether you’re a beginners or master diver, their is something educational for everyone, because when it comes to being safe underwater you can never know too much.

To make sure you are in tune with the latest and the greatest in scuba gear, check out these blog posts and discover what kind of equipment we are using underwater.

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The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter Along With A Lake And Scuba Diving Gear, Northern Ontario Dive Equipment Testing
Scooting the Shallows of Trout Lake with the Manta Scooter

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter is an affordable and innovative scooter designed to let swimmers and snorkelers explore the sea to their hearts content.

Looking Through the Tidal Wave ProShot Mask at Two Scuba Divers In the Water in Ontario, Canada
Scuba Diving with a Tidal Mask

A scuba diving gear review of the features found in the Tidal Mask by Tidal Sports and ProShot.

Joey Lighting Up A Plumose Anemone In The Dark Water Of BC With The OrcaTorch Scuba Diving Light
An Illuminating Review of OrcaTorch’s D570-GL Dive Light

The OrcaTorch D570-GL is a 1000 lumen dive light and laser pointer designed for recreational and commercial diving.

A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Wide-Angle Photography

Wide-angle photography allows photographers to capture as much as possible. Underwater, this means shooting broad vistas of undersea life.

Reef Safe Stream2Sea Sunscreen On The Sandy Beach In Northern Ontario, Canada
Stream2Sea’s Reef-Safe Products for Scuba Divers

When we go swimming, up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen is washed off our skin every year. This runoff eventually reaches coral reefs - with ingredients that are harmful to marine life.

Wildwood Sunglasses On A Table Near The Water
Eco-Friendly Sunglasses to Use on the Water

Whether you’re spending time by the pool or fishing on the lake, wearing sunglasses is important for protecting your eyes against the sun.

Ali Wading Out In The Lake In Her Spacefish Rashguard Ready To Swim
Spacefish Army Watersport Clothing

Spacefish Army is a clothing and rashguard line that specializes in unique apparel for divers, snorkelers, surfers and ocean lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Ali Scuba Diving In The Mangroves Of Tulum, Split Shot Photography, Mexico
A Guide to Split-Shot Photography

Split-level photography goes by many names. But regardless of what it’s called, this mixture of aquatic and terrestrial imagery takes viewers on a dynamic journey through two vastly different realms.

A Scuba Diving Logbook And A Pony Bottle Tank
Why you Should Have a Dive Log

Dive logs are an important part of scuba diving and a way to keep tabs on not just your dives but also your experience and memories.

Cable Bites Axolotl Clamping Onto A Cable
Protecting your Charging Cables with Ocean Animals

Cable Bites are adorable little plastic animals, which as the name implies, “bite” onto your phone, computer and iPad cords protecting them from breakage.

A Dive Light And Dive Regulator Scattered On A Table
A Review of the Xtar D20B 1000 Dive Light

A dive light is an essential piece of your kit whether you are a beginner or a more advanced diver. Here is our review on the Xtar DB20 1000 dive light.

Joey With A Christmas Present For A Stocking Stuffer
20 Scuba Diving Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas

Scuba divers are always tricky people to shop for and with the holidays just around the corner here are some great stocking stuffer ideas.

Ali Drinking With The Turtle Straw
Sipping Straws with a Splash

Help fight single-use plastics and their effects on our planet with this Canadian made eco-friendly glass straw.

Silk Dive Map Is Scuba Okay Hero
Where in the World do You Want to Dive?

Awesome Maps creates illustrated maps inspiring travel and wanderlust. Their world dive map is a comprehensive art piece showcasing over 500 different dive spots with snippets of information about the type of dive and underwater attributes.

Ali And Joey Trying Scuba Diving Under The Ice In Ontario, Canada
Scuba Diving and Staying Warm

Whether you’re scuba diving in cold or warm water, in the sunny tropics, or the icy Arctic, being chilly on a dive is never fun.

Two Empty Shark Wine Glasses Side By Side
Drinking Wine has Never Been More Jawsome

If you thought drinking wine couldn’t get any better - allow us to introduce you to the shark wine glass.

A Macro Photograph Of A Piece Of Soft Coral In Bonaire, Underwater Photography Guide
A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Macro Photography

Not all things underwater can be seen at first glance - for some, you need to take a closer look. Macro photography is the art of close-up photography on small subjects.

Go Pro Equipment For Underwater Photography While Scuba Diving
How to Take Good Underwater Photos with a GoPro

Problem: you want to take decent underwater pictures but good photography gear is just so expensive. Solution: learn how to take good underwater pictures with your handy dandy GoPro, it's easier than you think.

A Bin Full Of Dive Gear To Be Cleaned After A Dive In Brittany, France, Europe
The Dreaded Scuba Gear Cleanup

Everybody loves the idea of scuba diving, but the aspect of post dive cleanup is a much different story. It’s long, it’s tedious and it almost impossible to do it without getting wet - yet again.

Ali With Her Underwater Camera In A Pool in France
A Very Beginner Guide to Underwater Photography

Taking your love for photography to new depths can be a challenge. Here are eight tips and tricks for a beginner underwater photographer.

A Collection of Fishing Buoys in a Boat
Let’s Talk about Surface Markers

Sometimes a dive doesn’t go according to plan and when that happens, it’s important to be seen. Learn all about surface markers and why you should have one.

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