An Illuminating Review of OrcaTorch’s D570-GL Dive Light

A Hand-Held Dive Light with a Green Laser Pointer

Being seen and being able to see are important aspects of scuba diving. As a seasoned scuba diver, I’ve quickly come to realize that you can never have enough illumination while underwater. This is why dive lights are important for anyone who dives recreationally, professionally and for photography.

Joey Swimming Around Pier Posts With His OrcaTorch Dive Light

What Defines a Good Dive Light

Characterizing a good dive light can be difficult as the definition of a perfect dive light is often in the eye of the diver. “Perfect” is very much dependent on the light’s environment and application. For us, some of the most important features of a dive torch include; light production, handling, weight in the water, run time and rechargeability which is what will be the main points of focus in this review.

The OrcaTorch D570-GL

OrcaTorch is a dive light company founded in 2014 by a group of passionate flashlight enthusiasts and technology geeks.

The company was spearheaded by its founder, Carson Weng, who after diving in Thailand found divers to be using low-quality lights which lacked innovation and functionality. Through Carson’s passion for the outdoors, talent and experience in the flashlight industry, the OrcaTorch brand was born combining advanced technology into a series of lights that are bright, durable, long-lasting, convenient and waterproof.

OrcaTorch D570-GL Light Specs

Torch Size:Head diameter 4.4 centimeters, body diameter 2.6 centimeters and length 13.4 centimeters
Weight:176 grams without the battery
Lighting:Independently controlled white beam and green laser. Lumen: 1000 Intensity: 19800cd
Beam:An 8° white beam reaching a distance of 281 meters (on land). The green laser reaches 1000 meters (on land).
Runtime:On the white light setting the torch runtime is 1 hour and 51 minutes. Times could vary depending on environmental conditions.
Max Depth:The light is pressure tested to 150 meters (492 feet)

A Review of the Orca Torch D570-GL Light

Dive Light Overview

The OrcaTorch D570-GL is a 1000 lumen dive light designed for recreational and commercial diving. Included with the light were the 18650 lithium-ion battery, USB cable, charger, lanyard, extra o-rings and owner’s manual. The torch has two independently controlled light sources which comprise a white beam and a green laser. The light has practical applications for low light scuba diving, rescue signaling, identifying hard-to-see objects, pointing out wildlife and other water-based activities (boating, kayaking…).

OrcaTorch Scuba Diving Light With Green Laser

The OrcaTorch D570 is a 1000 lumens dive light for recreational diving and commercial diving. Besides the regular white light, this torch offers quick access to a green laser which can be controlled independently from the regular illuminating beam.

Joey Scuba Diving With The Green Laser Of The OrcaTorch Dive Light

Dive Light Pro’s

The OrcaTorch D570-GL is a really well-designed dive light that I was very interested in testing out. Joey and I have never used lights from the OrcaTorch brand before and we were pleased to discover that the D570-GL was compact and powerful, allowing for good light coverage even in somewhat plankton-riddled environments.

After a quick pre-dive charge, we took our D570-GL torch into the water. I was armed with my strobes and underwater camera while Joey had the light in question as his primary source of light.

In terms of functionality, Joey put the light and laser feature to the test finding that the light offered a good amount of brightness packing enough power to be used as a primary light, but also being compact enough for consideration as a backup light.

When switching between the light and laser, Joey was pleased to note that it was easy to do – all that was required was pressing the titanium alloy button. This simplicity made the D570-GL torch highly appealing, especially considering our primary dive environment is in cold water with bulky dive gloves.

One of the main reasons Joey and I decided to test this light was because of the green laser feature. We had never experienced a dive light with such unique capabilities and as an underwater photographer, it was appealing to have a light that would enable my dive partner to point out subjects from a distance. In trying out the green beam, we were happy to see that the laser beam projected over a good distance allowing Joey to find and point out interesting creatures all while keeping his distance.

The Green Laser On The OrcaTorch D570 GL In The Water

Dive Light Con’s

As a dive light, the OrcaTorch D570-GL was a very desirable light and we were pleased with its functionality.

If I had to mention the product’s weak point, it would be the torch’s battery life. With a full charge, the light lasts roughly two hours. In colder water, this two-hour battery lifespan is further reduced. Given Joey and my love for diving, we can easily do two dives on any given dive day, with each dive ranging from 60-75 minutes long. This ultimately meant that the D570-GL light would end up with a dead battery midway through our second dive, therefore we kept a backup light on hand.

That being said, the LED battery indicator light on the switch button was really nice to have. It allowed us to have a general idea of the batteries remaining charge. When the indicator light was green it meant the light charge was above 70%. At orange the battery was between 30 and 70%. At red, the battery was from 10 to 30% and a flashing red light meant the battery was below 10%.

Joey In The Dark Green Emerald Water Of British Columbia With The OrcaTorch Dive Light

Recap on OrcaTorch’s D570-GLDive Light

For scuba divers looking to expand their dive light collection, the challenge isn’t always finding a suitable dive light, but rather choosing from the vast selection of dive lights for one that is best suited to your needs. Joey and I both loved the OrcaTorch D570-GL. This dive light is an illuminating addition to our kits, but also provides the unique green laser that allows Joey to integrate further into my photography dives by finding and pointing out creatures.

Do you have your own dive light? If so what is your preferred brand and style of dive light?

Writers Note: This dive light review was sponsored by OrcaTorch. The D570-GL light was provided to Dive Buddies 4 Life by the company in exchange for the review. All comments, tests and thoughts in relation to the light are honest and strictly that of Dive Buddies 4 Life. For more information on the light or to get your own light to visit the OrcaTorch website.

Additionally, this post may contain sponsored or affiliate links. We will make a small commission if you make a purchase through one of these links, at no extra cost to you. See full disclosure and disclaimer policy here.

Joey With The OrcaTorch Scuba Diving Light In The Mountains

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  • Dive Komodo
    March 1 2022

    Great information. Thank you, we were thinking about getting one of these! If you ever make it to Komodo, please look us up and Maika Komodo Tours!

  • Dive Manta Point
    March 10 2022

    Great information. I was thinking of getting an OrcaTorch D570-GL , but I can understand the battery probably doesn’t last as long in the cold water. This a great review. I am quite suprised that it is pressure tested to 150 meters (492 feet). I won’t be diving that far, so that is good for me.

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