Science boasts some of the greatest minds of our time. Discover all science has to offer in the realm of marine biology and oceanography by reading some of our blog posts on the industry.

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Looking Down At The Novel Cover Of All About Fish And Fellows A Science Short Story Narrative About The Ocean
Reviewing the Short Book All About Fish and Fellows

Have you ever heard of crabs that hitchhike through the seas on the back of whales? Or that fish bathe in freshwater springs gushing out in bottom of the sea? All About Fish and Fellows is a compilation of stories put together by writer Tim Schröder presenting some of the most fascinating facets of current marine research.

The Gigantic Dorsal And Pigmented Body Of A Basking Shark In The Firth Of Clyde, Scotland, UK Diving Adventures
Scotland: Basking in Glory

The rugged and northern coast of Scotland is the perfect setting for large animal encounters. Take your snorkeling up a notch by plunging into the highlands and swimming with the second largest fish in the world; basking sharks.

Joey Using Reef Safe Sunscreen While Hitting The Beaches In Northern Ontario, Canada
Why you Should be Using Reef-Safe Sunscreen

The sun is shining, the UV index is through the roof. Wearing sunscreen is extremely important to protect your skin. But did you know that certain sunscreens cause damage to our planet’s reefs and wetlands?

A Male Scuba Diver Behind A Hazy Thermocline In Tulum, Mexico
Recognizing and Understanding Thermoclines

Thermoclines are layers of water determined by temperature. They exist in all lakes and oceans, dividing the sunlit upper layer from the cooler water below.

Free Diver In A Bottle, Ocean Pollution
A Scientific Look at Marine Pollution

Aquatic ecosystems are fragile environments that play an intricate role in the survival of species on the planet. Of this vast expanse of blue, approximately 40% are gravely affected by human activities.

A Protected Marine Reserve Along Spain's Mediterranean Coastline
The Importance of Marine Protected Areas

Marine protected areas protect endangered species and critical habitats. As scuba divers they play a big role in the conservation of our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Puffin with a Fluorescent Bill under UV LightThis article is in the news
Puffins – the fluorescent birds we never knew about

A scientist has made a shocking new discovery in England. Under UV light the bills of Atlantic puffins light up like a glow stick.

Leatherback Turtle Coming Out Of The Ice at Bras d'Or LakeThis article is in the news
Leatherback Turtle Found Iced in a Cape Breton Lake

Nova Scotia has seen a few strange things over the years but never has a 360 kg leatherback turtle washed up dead and frozen in a Cape Breton lake.

Looking off the Point at the Old Sow Whirlpool on Deer Island New Brunswick
Canadian Splash: Diving in the Bay of Fundy’s Whirlpool

Submerging into the cold waters of Deer Island is one of the best ways to appreciate the vibrant array of color the Bay of Fundy hides beneath her surface.

The Blue Cylinder Tank of the Italian Y-40 Pool
Italy: Scuba Diving the World’s Deepest Pool

When in Italy make sure to stop at the world's deepest pool, Y-40 the Deep Joy and try your hand at scuba or freediving for a bucket list experience.

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