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H2O Ontario

Ontario is known as the freshwater gem of Canada and with good reason.

Home to four of the five Great Lakes, and plenty more unmapped diving sites in the north, this bustling province has some of the best inland shipwreck diving in the world.

Check out where to head into Ontario’s H2O!

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A Pink Lily Pad Underwater in Finlayson Point Park, Lake Temagami, Ontario, Scuba Diving Canada
Canadian Splash: Dive into Ontario Parks, the water’s lovely!

When it comes to getting outside and immersed in nature, Ontario Parks is at the top of the list. Not only do the parks boast magnificent nature, but it's hundreds of thousands of lakes make it a real treat for those who love the water.

North Bay Scuba Club's 18th Annual Harbour Clean up, Ontario, CanadaThis article is in the news
Taking out the Trash: A Scuba Clean Up in North Bay

While most people were at home celebrating Mother’s Day, the North Bay Scuba Club donned dive gear and took to the water to clean up the local marina.

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