Scuba Joe’s First Dive at Paddy’s Head

Hi guys,

Life has been a blur since my arrival in Halifax and we are FINALLY going diving (yes, I pestered Mom and Dad about it every single day – sometimes twice a day – and today they gave in).

The drive to the site took us about 45 minutes. The name of the dive site is Paddy’s Head and apparently it is a local favorite. This is the spot my Mom and Dad got engaged at, while underwater, 4 years ago (YUCK… It’s really gross I know).

For a little smurf like me, the water was pretty cold. I guess that’s why I came out of the water afterward blue (hehehe). Mom and Dad had their drysuits, but not me I sported a 7 mm two-piece wetsuit.

Because I haven’t been diving in a long time Mom and Dad decided to do a nice easy dive in the shallow water of the bay. I think the deepest we went was 25 feet. It was good to practice my buoyancy, get used to breathing long steady breaths out of my regulator and figure out the optimal amount of weights to carry.

We saw lots of life underwater, more than I’d ever seen in my entire existence. My top fish sightings were; flounders, sculpin, pollock and sea ravens.

As we were heading back to shore I even duked it out with a big bad crab (in case you were wondering he was no match for my fists of fury).

What a great first family scuba dive!

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