Strap on your mask, fins and snorkel and take to the underwater world. Snorkeling is a fast growing hobby that allows you to explore the marine realm, one breath at a time.

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The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter Along With A Lake And Scuba Diving Gear, Northern Ontario Dive Equipment Testing
Scooting the Shallows of Trout Lake with the Manta Scooter

The ASIWO Manta Sea Scooter is an affordable and innovative scooter designed to let swimmers and snorkelers explore the sea to their hearts content.

Ali Clearing Her Ears While Scuba Diving In The Nemo 33 Pool In Belgium
How to Equalize your Ears While Scuba Diving

Our ears struggle to maintain balanced pressure when scuba diving, snorkeling and free diving. To enjoy these activities we must equalize.

Ali Deploying A Safety Buoy In Stoney Cove Quarry, Inland Diving In England, Europe
England: Scuba Diving the Popular Stoney Cove Quarry

Stoney Cove is self-described as the UK’s most popular inland diving center. This quarry is found within the village of Stoney Stanton.

The Gigantic Dorsal And Pigmented Body Of A Basking Shark In The Firth Of Clyde, Scotland, UK Diving Adventures
Scotland: Basking in Glory

The rugged and northern coast of Scotland is the perfect setting for large animal encounters. Take your snorkeling up a notch by plunging into the highlands and swimming with the second largest fish in the world; basking sharks.

Ali Wading Out In The Lake In Her Spacefish Rashguard Ready To Swim
Spacefish Army Watersport Clothing

Spacefish Army is a clothing and rashguard line that specializes in unique apparel for divers, snorkelers, surfers and ocean lovers of all shapes and sizes.

Ali Scuba Diving In The Mangroves Of Tulum, Split Shot Photography, Mexico
A Guide to Split-Shot Photography

Split-level photography goes by many names. But regardless of what it’s called, this mixture of aquatic and terrestrial imagery takes viewers on a dynamic journey through two vastly different realms.

Joey Diving Down Underwater With His Snorkeling Equipment In Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
A Beginner’s How-To Snorkeling Guide

Snorkeling is a water activity that involves swimming along the surface of the water with your face submerged underwater enjoying the world below. It is fun, does not require any special training and almost anyone can do it.

The Rocky Intertidal Shores Of Nova Scotia, Canada
Splish, Splash in a Canadian Tide Pool

Tide pools are pools of water exposed at low tide and submerged by the ocean at high tide. They give non-divers a chance to glimpse the underwater world while remaining on land.

The Dorsal Side Of A Small Blenny Scuba Diving In Zihuatanejo, Pacific Mexico
Mexico: Scuba Fiesta in Zihuatanejo

Forget the colorful piñatas and all-you-can-eat tacos, when in Mexico's coastal town of Zihuatanejo, it's all about the scuba diving!

A Manatee Floating Underwater In Three Sisters Springs, Florida, USA
USA: Manatees at 72 Degrees

Offering topside beauty and underwater magic, escape to Florida's freshwater springs and snorkel with one of the most majestic marine mammals on the planet.

TODI Aquarium Overview By A Scuba Diver Diving in Belgium, Europe
Belgium: The TODI Freshwater Aquarium

Bask in warm water bliss as you explore the tropical dive facility of TODI. From pufferfish to piranha let the flurry of freshwater color envelop you.

The Devil's Den Snorkelling And Scuba Diving Cave In Florida, USA
USA: Diving into the Den of the Devil

Dark, ancient and mysterious are a few words that can be used to describe the Devil's Den cavern in Florida. Find out what it was like to visit this world-class tourist destination and dive this prehistoric spring system.

Ali With Her Underwater Camera In A Pool in France
A Very Beginner Guide to Underwater Photography

Taking your love for photography to new depths can be a challenge. Here are eight tips and tricks for a beginner underwater photographer.

Barnacles Encrusting On A Rockface In Zadar, Croatia, Europe
Croatia: Snorkeling in Ražanac

A brief glimpse of some of the marine fauna and stunning snorkeling opportunities on Croatia's Dalmatian coast.

A View of Secret Beach in Costa Rica, Central America
Costa Rica: Playa del Coco Snorkeling Spots

Slipping into the Pacific waters off Costa Rica for a snorkel is a relaxing way to spend the day. Here are the best places around Playa del Coco.

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