Drysuit Mishap in the Azores

One day Mom will laugh about this. Today is not that day and tomorrow isn’t looking good either.

Dad and I sure had a good chuckle, you guys can go ahead and laugh with us too.

See that wet spot on my mom’s pants – the spot where it kinda looks like she peed herself. Well, she certainly didn’t have that wet spot when we started the dive.

Apparently there are some scuba diving suits that keep you dry when you scuba dive. Mom and Dad each have one and they are called drysuits. Drysuits are very practical for cold water and help you stay underwater without getting wet.

When Mom and Dad dive they put on fleece long johns or sometimes PJ’s, depending on how cold the water will be. The only thing on them that is supposed to get wet is their heads, but not this dive in Mom’s case.

Before coming to Canada, I had never heard of a drysuit before – mostly because I always dive in my trusty old wetsuit. Just like the name sounds, in my wetsuit I get wet, but don’t worry that is how they are supposed to work. Underneath the neoprene material of my suit I wear my swimming trunks and when I hit the ocean my suit fills up with water and my body heats it to keep me warm.

Maybe someday I’ll get to try out a drysuit, it looks pretty cozy.

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