To Dive or not to Dive?

Today started out as a seemingly perfect day until it was time to dive…

Because it was the middle of the week, the plan was, to pick Dad up after work and head to a close dive site just outside of Halifax. We wanted to try and squeeze a quick scuba in before sunset.

Well, the first part of the plan worked out just dandily; Dad got off work and we picked him up on the fly – the car packed to the brim with dive equipment.

Unfortunately for us, when we made it to the dive site, the ocean had other ideas.

The weather turned from blue skies and sunshine to a dark and dismal shade of grey. I’m talking; dark looming storm clouds and ripping winds. The further we seemed to go from downtown Halifax the more miserable it became.

After seeing the weather change so dramatically and then investigating the condition of the dive site, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that we would most certainly not be diving today.

On top of having practically zero visibility, diving in stormy weather with high winds and monster swells is just asking for trouble.

Although I may not look it in the picture, I was so disappointed. Scuba diving takes a lot of time and preparation and, on days like this, it hardly seems fair that mother nature gets to decide if we can swim with the fishies or not!

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