Scuba Joe Meets His New Diving Family

Hi there scuba fans,

My name is Scuba Joe and as you can probably see I am a diving smurf. I love the water and also know how to scuba dive. When I’m in the water I practically sprout gills. Check out my super cool pink mask and spunky yellow fins!

I come from a magical land far, far away called Smurfville. Sadly Smurfville is a pretty small place, made up of mostly trees and mushrooms. There are no lakes, rivers or oceans for me to go diving. In order to pursue my scuba passion I decided to find a new home with a new family close to the sea!

Today is one of the most important and exciting days of my life. Today, I was dropped off by a stork in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to become part of a new family. Can you believe my luck my new adoptive parents are also divers!

This is my first time ever being in Canada and it is everything I ever imagined and more. The people are so nice and there is so much forest everywhere I look. It kinda reminds me of Smurfville. Hopefully this makes me a little less homesick.

I can’t wait to tag along with Mom and Dad on their next dive and make some first time underwater discoveries.

Atlantic ocean here I come!

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