Montenegro: Eat, Sleep, Dive, Repeat

Finding a Dive Family in Montenegro

It’s no secret that diving is my biggest passion. Why would you be surprised that I tried my hand at diving in Montenegro?

Octopus Eye Peaking Up From The Rocks In Budva

It was cold – very cold under the frigid waters of the Adriatic Sea. If you are in love with warm waters and colourful reefs you’d better skip this country. Montenegro is a cold water divers paradise. While it may not be a star among dive tourists, the photogenic nature of this dive location and macro life kept Joey and me more than entertained during our two week stay.

A Big School Of Damselfish In Montenegro
The Tail Of A Flat Flounder Swimming Away From Us In Budva

Fancy trying some tunnel and wall dives? Better yet wanna get up close to an old underwater mine? There are many untold secrets that rest off the coast of Montenegro.

Budva Diving Center located at the tip of the city pier, next to the old town, was the dive club that we learned to call family by the end of our trip. We showed up to the center the day before we wanted to dive and organized everything with the store owner, who gave us a very competitive price for multiple days of diving.

Over the next two weeks Joey and I let the waters off the coast of Montenegro leave us speechless.

Joey, Ali And Viktor The Divemaster Diving In Montenegro

The diving around Budva was surprisingly good; it felt like I was back in Greece diving the caves and crevices of Zakynthos island. We found cave after cave just plump and full of sponge and encrusting critter life. We coasted over beds of lazy seagrasses hiding skittish fish and crabs. We maneuvered through narrow canyons that were so skinny I almost couldn’t fit my beastly camera contraption through the opening.

During our dives I was free to flit about with my camera as much as I pleased. I got lots of practice photographing some of the marine life. A few of the critters we saw include: scorpionfish, sea stars, sea sponges, combers, damselfish, apogons, wrasse, blennies, sea breams, gobies, anthias, lobsters, eels, octopus, striped jacks and nudibranchs of various shapes and sizes.

Octopus Creeping Around The Bottom Of The Adriatic Sea

Some Sea Bream Swimming In Budva

An Anemone Open And Feeding In Montenegro

We were promised a week of interesting dives and we sure got them. Day in and day out Joey and I ascended happy divers. On the days that animals wanted nothing to do with us, we didn’t let that dampen our mood; we just spent our dive blowing bubble rings!

The Divemaster Blowing Bubble Rings

Visiting an Old Underwater Mine

The most anticipated site of the week was when we got to dive and see and old abandoned underwater mine. I was pretty pumped. Who would have thought we would have had the chance to see something like this! Even though it is no longer active I couldn’t help but carefully creep up on this rusty sphere of metal dating back to the 1992 war. Contrary to what I expected there was so much life that had made their home on the disintegrating metal surface.

Underwater Mine In Montenegro

An Inspirational Dive that I Will Never Forget

Not only was our two weeks diving with the Budva Diving shop fun and exciting, it was also truly inspirational. On one of our last dives with the crew, a local man, who had been recently paralyzed from the waist down, and his wife joined the dive group. With the help of the staff and his wife this man suited up in his custom designed wetsuit and made ready for diving. It was such an empowering experience to watch this scuba diver not let his disability get in the way of his passion. For obvious reasons he dove fin-less but did have special webbed gloves to allow him to swim around with his hands. It was strange to watch a diver without fins paddling around, but also very humbling to see that even without legs he had no problems keeping up with the group.

A Physically Challenged Man Scuba Diving In Budva

Montenegro sure was a rollercoaster of emotions. From squealing excitement to life changing moments this country and the many dive buddy friendships we have made will never be forgotten.

The past two weeks were just living proof that life is better underwater. I can’t think of a more lovely way to dive on out of this Balkan country!

A Moray Eel Looking From A Hole In Budva, Montenegro

Practical Scuba Diver Information:

Cost: Diving in Montenegro? Make sure you shop around and find a good dive center. Some places have a much higher price per dive. If you find the right dive center you can expect to pay on average €35.00 to €50.00 (equipment included) per boat dive. Planning on making several dives like we did? Excellent, make sure to talk to the owner as he will often give you a discounted price for multiple dives. We bumped our diving down to €35.00 per dive when we agreed to do eight during our two week stay.

Seasonality: Peak scuba diving season in Montenegro runs from the beginning of June to the beginning of September (this is also when the water is the warmest and the animals are most active).

Restrictions: All dive sites are very easy to reach via boat and can be explored easily by an Open Water diver with the exception of the Oreste a wreck reserved for Advanced Open Water divers only.

Companies: There may be a lot of diving sites to check out off the coast of Montenegro but there are not very many dive shops to take you there. We were SO HAPPY with our decision to dive with Budva Diving Center. After two weeks diving with them we felt like family.

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