United Kingdom

Greetings from the United Kingdom!

The United Kingdom, officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is an island lying off the northwest coast of Europe. The region is comprised of 4 different countries each with their own devolved government; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK’s influence can be observed all over the world, in language, culture and probably most noticeably in its political system.

Scuba Diving Love
The Sponge Covered Gullies Of St Abbs, Scuba Diving Scotland's East Coast
Scotland: The Dynamic Dive Scene in St Abbs

The mesmerizing cold water aquascapes of St Abbs can only be experienced by donning a drysuit and jumping into the deep end.

Jurassic Coast Of Portland England Scuba Diving, UK
England: Diving into the Jurassic Coast

England may be known for its rainy weather and Stonehenge but don't discount this country's love for scuba diving, particularly on the Jurassic Coast.

A Patch Of Rockweed And A Farne Island Grey Seal Swimming At The Surface
England: The Farne Islands Unleashed

Diving the Farne Islands will open your mind and touch your soul as you get into the water with some of mother nature's most playful creatures.

The Metal Frame Of The Crusher Works In Vobster Quay, England's Inland Dive Site, UK
England: Choppers, Cars and Planes in Britain

From planes to cars, diving Vobster Quay means experiencing a range of underwater sights and covering a lot of ground in little time.

An Airplane Outer Shell In The Chepstow Quarry In Wales, United Kingdom
England: Welcome to the Chepstow Diving Jungle

Nothing compares to the thrill of diving to a helicopter, airplane, army car, and double-decker bus all in one dive. Don't miss this epic diving jungle in England.

United Kingdom
United Kingdom Country Flag And Shape 1United Kingdom Country Flag And Shape 1
Country Facts
World Currency

Pound sterling (GBP)

Capital City View

London (England), Edinburgh (Scotland), Cardiff (Wales) and Belfast (Northern Ireland)




English, Cornish, Scots, Ulster Scots, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and Irish

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