Dive Buddies 4 Life Bumper Sticker


Our Dive Buddies 4 Life bumper stickers are both versatile and durable for use on laptops, cars, trucks, bikes, snowboards, ATVs, dive totes… you get the idea.


Grab your very own Dive Buddies 4 Life decal sticker!

Our 12.7cm X 7.6cm (5″ X 3″) bumper stickers are both versatile and durable. The rectangular UV print decal features the Dive Buddies logo on a non-reflective matte finish. The sticker is approved for outdoor as well as indoor use and can be applied on a variety of surfaces including metal, plastic, fiber or glass.

Our bumper stickers are perfect to stick on your laptop, car, truck, bike, moped, skateboard, snowboard, ATV, house, dive locker… you get the idea.


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