Awesome Dive Map Foldable

Inspire your future dive trips with this awesome hand-illustrated foldable dive map.

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Inspire your future dive trips with this awesome dive map. With over 500 illustrated dive spots and areas this map provides information about the beautiful world of diving and underwater features.

This foldable edition comes in a nicely designed sturdy envelope, ready to join you on your next dive trip. The map is writable with a ball pen – simply add your favorite spots or travel route.

Foldable Dive Map Specifications:

– Map size: 97,5 cm x 56 cm (38 inches x 22 inches)
– Printed on writable, waterproof, tear-proof and super lightweight Tyvek® paper
– Envelope-style packaging: 20 cm x 14 cm (8 inches x 5.5 inches)


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