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Bonaire may be half a world away, but this small Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea is part of the European country of the Netherlands. Bonaire along with Aruba and Curaçao form the ABC islands located outside Hurricane Alley just 80 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela. Due to its southern latitude and azure blue water, Bonaire is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving destination.

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The Fish Filled Coral Reefs Of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Scuba Diving
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This Valentine’s Day we want our love for scuba diving to inspire you to get into the water and enjoy the world below.

Joey On Bonaire Scuba Diving With A Large Bait Ball Of Fish, ABC Caribbean Islands
Bonaire: The Bonaire Scuba Bucket List

Submerge yourself into Bonaire's underwater world with this scuba bucket list. It will leave you wanting more from the coral capital of the Caribbean.

Ali Looking At A Re-Breather During Bonaire TeK Week, Buddy Dive Resort, Dutch CaribbeanThis article is in the news
Joining the Bonaire TeK Diving Side

Bonaire TEK is an annual October occurrence, where Buddy Dive Resort partners with leaders in the tech diving industry for a week of technical dive demonstrations, equipment trials, presentations, training ins and outs, and camaraderie.

Small Puffer Fish In The Purple Coral Of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Bonaire: A Dutch Caribbean Splash

Whether your diving with turtles or admiring coral reefs, get ready to be wowed by the underwater beauty of Bonaire, the shore diving capital of the Caribbean.

Joey Scuba Diving With A Bag Full Of Collected Trash In Bonaire During A Dive Friends Clean Up DiveThis article is in the news
Beyond the Beach: Cleaning Up Bonaire’s Reefs

There are many ways to fight back against pollution and on Bonaire, this takes the form of scuba diving cleanups.

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